Lee Byung Hun allegedly busts out Lee Santa just in time for the holidays

Lee Byung Hun, world famous for both his acting and his womanizing, was allegedly caught back at it again at an after party for MAMA 2016. The actor was captured on video putting his arm around a woman that’s not his wife and resting his head on her shoulders. Perhaps most important to the story is that Lee Min Jung was sitting right next to him while this was going on.

While it wouldn’t necessarily be hard to see this as innocent given that a large portion of what’s being shown doesn’t look romantic at all, one has to factor Lee Byung Hun’s past into this, and it makes you wonder if Lee Santa has returned.

Cheating, romantic, success?

Lee Byung Hun, in a statement through this agency BH Entertainment, claims the woman is an old friend.

In response to this report, a representative from Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment explained, “She [The lady] is currently a business woman who has known the actor for 20 years. She’s an old friend who is also best friends with Lee Min Jung. We think that their closeness may have lead to a misunderstanding.”

Honestly, it’s hard to believe even he would do some shit like this in front of his wife on purpose, but who knows.

Lost in all this is how much mess MAMA continues to provide long after the show itself is over.


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