A Pink’s “Cause You’re My Star” continues to make fun group as beige as possible

A Pink have returned with “Cause You’re My Star“, from their special Christmas release. The album is called ‘Dear‘, as in “Dear god, why?”

Jesus fucking Christ, what have A Pink done to deserve this shit? From the boring-ass song to the cringey filter techniques to the same concept over and over, there’s no way the girls can enjoy this, right? I definitely don’t hate A Pink, I just think they haven’t released a decent single in years because they keep doing this safe, beige bullshit, and I don’t understand it considering how fun they are as idols.

I thought maybe after “Only One” flopped for their standards they’d change shit up, but I guess asking for a winter concept switch was too much. Hopefully next time they have a proper concept.

Uh … at least they look good.

Who knew an “innocent concept” was fetish cosplay? Cool cool.


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