Topp Dogg’s leader P-Goon tweets that Cho PD stiffed them for about $250,000

In news that isn’t shocking at all if you’re familiar with Cho PD‘s history (especially with Block B), Topp Dogg leader P-Goon tweeted out that the group is currently being stiffed on about $250,000 of income from a Japan tour.

“Hello. This is Topp Dogg’s leader P-Goon. Our former CEO, Cho PD, previously signed a contract with Timo Japan for our Japanese Showcase Tour, where we had eight performances. But he has not filled out a statement of accounts for those performances, and the payment is about 300 million won (approximately $255,000). I want to know the truth about the neglected payments. Looking at Topp Dogg’s statement of accounts for the past three years of activities, the eight performances have not been written in the statement despite the conclusion of the Japanese performances. Cho PD is currently in a lawsuit with our agency Hunus Entertainment and has parted ways with them. I demand for Cho PD to tell the truth.”

Basically, P-Goon is claiming that Cho PD is trying to embezzle about $250,000 that Topp Dogg made by not recording the money. Thus, he’s saying they’re not being compensated for their Japan tour, which is basically the exact reason that Block B filed a lawsuit to leave.

At this point we don’t know what is what, but it’s difficult to side with Cho PD given all the issues he’s had with shit like this in the past.


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