‘Golden Tambourine’ has G.O.D doing “Very Very Very”, Jo Kwon, plastic pants, turtle man

Golden Tambourine‘ is sorta like ‘Lip Sync Battle‘ except it actually requires you to sing, and at the very least the debut episode was a rather glorious mess.


G.O.D performed “Very Very Very” with Somi while doing I.O.I cosplay.

That Kim Tae Woo drop in.

Jo Kwon brought the ass dance back while covering Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby“.

Where the fuck has Jo Kwon been, though? Dude is gold on variety and he’s been MIA for a while. Was worried he got blacklisted for being gay or something.

My son Jackson of GOT7 and Park Joon Hyung teamed up to do … that.

The Worm combined like that should be called The Human Centipede.

Yoon Se Yoon covered “Turtle Ship” … in a turtle outfit.

Most importantly, here’s Shin Hyun Tak in JYP‘s plastic pants.

Well, this is probably more welcome, I’m guessing.


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