Heechul sure does have a lot of fun on ‘Knowing Bros’

I wrote an article recently about LABOUM‘s Solbin asking Super Junior‘s Heechul if he was gay, and I made sure to include the note that you should be watching ‘Knowing Bros‘ cause Heechul is great on it.

Well, I recently came across some videos that highlight why that is.

If nothing else, compare how Red Velvet‘s Irene being reserved is dealt with on ‘Knowing Bros’ compared to ‘Radio Star.

Sorta feel for Buzz‘s Min Kyung Hoon cause honestly I can’t even watch past videos of him singing anymore without at least thinking about this.

What a romantic.

Is shading Kangin ever not entertaining?


As a bonus, here’s what’s basically a ‘God Of Music‘ sketch except real life.

Lee Sang Min, find strength.


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