EXID debut in China with “Cream”, which is somehow now more annoying

EXID made their official debut in China with the music video for “Cream,” and I’m not sure why they choose this song.

Theoretically, this is something I should enjoy since it really sounds like dancehall Lionel Richie from the 80s or something like that. However, while I didn’t like “Cream” in Korean, now that it’s not in their native language it’s even worse due to the processing of the vocals and it makes them sound almost robotic. Meanwhile, the chorus is, quite frankly, rather annoying. It actually has promise, but the pitch at which they repeat “cream cream cream” has this aftertaste that sticks in your ear more for being shrill and than an earworm. The fact that LE and Junghwa are responsible for the chorus explains a lot of that.

The most pleasant part of the whole song is Solji and Hyerin‘s vocal during the verses, mainly because they comes through clearest. Aside from that, though, LE‘s rapping crosses the line from unique to grating, especially in Chinese, and Hani does admirably but is again out of her comfort zone singing in a baby voice.

I never understood EXID fans who were hyping this track saying it should’ve been their title, and I definitely don’t understand it now.


The music video is rather standard fare, and while they all look good, Solji in particular stands out in this.

The dance, though, is basically a quasi-twerk type of thing that isn’t nearly as good as their other efforts.

Also, Junghwa dies in it, which is at least different since EXID usually kill people instead.


I really wanted to like this, thinking maybe EXID would’ve done something different from the Korean version for their Chinese debut. However, most of what I disliked originally not only remained but was enhanced on this version of “Cream”. As such, while I hope the best for them in China, this is definitely not one of their best efforts.


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