WatchMojo gives BTS their own Top 10 list, which proves … something

WatchMojo, one of those clickbait YouTube channels who have done Top 10 lists of just about every damn thing you could imagine in terms of media, has officially drunk the BTS Kool-Aid. The channel has done only one other K-pop related list, covering the most iconic songs (in their eyes).

Overall I remain indifferent to WatchMojo since it’s a pretty opinion-based channel. However I just think it’s strange that they picked BTS out of all K-pop groups to start with. One would think that if they start to delve into lists for individual groups, they would go with SNSD, Big Bang, SHINee, or especially 2NE1 given that they just disbanded and everyone’s coming out with their favorite 2NE1 songs list. But I guess this is evidence of just how popular BTS is overseas if a popular heavily Western media focused channel gives them the grand honor of giving them their own list.

With that stated, how were WatchMojo’s picks for the list? Well it’s a ‘Best Music Videos’ list, not a ‘Best Songs’ list, however I get the feeling they were in fact taken into account.

As expected, the list is about as vanilla as it gets, seemingly aiming to just reinforce what BTS stans already thought. Personally, I’m salty about it because I consider “No More Dream” one of the best K-pop releases ever, but it leads the list at #10. Of course, “I Need U” is at #1, which … yeah it’s a fantastic video but it’s also the safest choice because it’s the release that pushed them over the nugu line. I would have probably switched out “Boy In Luv” (the only release from them I honestly hate and will always rail on) for “Save Me” instead, but everything else is pretty run of the mill.

It’s WatchMojo, so if you’re familiar with them then you’ll know what to expect, but the actual interesting thing is that now Western clickbait farms have deemed them relevant enough to utilize above all others internationally.

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