Narimiya Hiroki’s “friend” starts Twitter & will create blog, reports say he’s an ex-lover

Narimiya Hiroki‘s “friend”, the one who talked to FRIDAY about his alleged drug use and other stuff, has now created a Twitter account. Thus far, he’s only provided evidence that the Twitter account belongs to who he says it is and is talking cryptic about Narimiya Hiroki not being an angel. You know, because, uh, I guess getting him to retire isn’t enough for this person.

What the “friend” has not done yet, however, is spill any details about the story, as he continues to say to wait for his blog so he can reveal the truth.

Any profits from the blog will supposedly go to charity, and if you’re skeptical about this play, you’re probably right because Shukan Bunshun says that wasn’t the attitude of the “friend” when it came to getting this story out initially.

Furthermore, as many had feared was the case after his retirement announcement referenced “sexuality”, it appears as though the “friend” is a scorned ex-lover of Narimiya Hiroki.

Well, this is now a proper mess.

Honestly, there’s so much garbage being reported on this it’s hard to wade through it all right now, especially since basically every source has a reason to at least embellish the truth a bit. But as of now, it seems plausible to me that everything that has been said so far is true to an extent. Which is to say it could be that Narimiya Hiroki did some drugs, was at least bi-sexual, and that the over-the-top vengeful nature of this story is seemingly due to the “friend” being an ex-lover who was cut off financially.

I guess we’ll have to wait as this continues to unfold, but so far while this scandal is supposed to be putting Narimiya Hiroki in a terrible light, to me the “friend” is the one who comes off like an massive shithead. I realize what’s come out is scandalous in Japan, which is likely why he retired, but as of now I’m definitely siding with the popular 30-something alleged bi-sexual actor who maybe does blow every now and then. Like that causes me to ask far less questions about him than if it was true he was making children’s candy in a hotel room late at night surrounded by takeout.


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