SF9’s “So Beautiful” is a dark & tragic tale … or something

SF9 recently dropped “So Beautiful,” which on the surface appears to be a typical winter release, but is actually a tragic tale about a man who has lost his mind.

As a song, “So Beautiful” had me thinking that this was a winter release sent from a higher authority through SF9 to punish me for my wrongdoings. I felt as if I was being attacked with this aggressively shit release, that is until I realized how the sickly sweet & cringe-worthy tone of it set an ironic stage for the tragic story it told through the music video.


The music video for “So Beautiful” is cynical and disturbing. If you are younger than 60, I suggest you turn back now, lest you be scarred mentally.

To start, this dude wakes up with so many problems and just can’t take it.

It’s shitty, but luckily he has a magic snow globe to turn to!

The snow globe summons eight men that arrive to help him.

They help him get ready for the day by washing his face, brushing his teeth, doing his nails, and getting his clothes ready…

…and then to top it all off, they prepare a delicious meal for him.

Can’t beat that.

But that’s when the tragic twists hits.

Our hero is actually doing this all by himself but thinks it’s the help of the magic men from the snow globes because he doesn’t have the self-esteem to believe he can accomplish all this by himself.

This continues on, of course, this time in public when he’s trying to write music.

Our hero is met with scorn from the public who has no idea what’s going on with him.

Now we see our hero in a Christmas party back at his place with his friends, where he blows out the candles on a cake…

…and also blows out the candle on his life, as he chooses to end it all and join his friends in the snow globe world permanently.

Damn, that’s some dark shit for a winter release, man.


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