Video allegedly captures actress Kim Sae Rom beating husband Lee Chan Oh

A few days ago, it was announced that actress Kim Sae Rom and chef Lee Chan Oh would be divorcing after 16 months of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. Well recently we may have gotten a clearer picture of what “irreconcilable differences” really means, and it allegedly involves Kim Sae Rom assaulting her husband Lee Chan Oh.

The source that revealed the video says that this was a regular thing and that she abused him whenever she got drunk.

The video allegedly shows Kim Sae Rom getting drunk and physically abusing Lee Chan Oh. The video shows her kicking him while he’s on the ground despite having a phone in his hand to record the situation. With the date of the recording said to be before his alleged infidelity. The original source of the video also stated that this was not an isolated incident and that she physically abused him whenever she drank, which was quite often.

Well … I mean that could explain the divorce.

Of course it’s still unclear if that’s actually Kim Sae Rom in the video as alleged or if there’s any context to it, and her agency has yet to respond, but what a mess this could potentially be.


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