Jay Park, Hoody, Ugly Duck, Cha Cha Malone respond to Cakeshop owner’s accusations

Jay Park has been accused of cultural appropriation. No, not for the stuff you might be thinking but for allegedly “appropriating” an underground club. This is according to Samuel Swanson, the co-owner and director of Cakeshop, an “underground” club in Itaewon (that everybody knows of).

In a now-private video, Swanson explains his beef with Jay.

“For instance, you can see a pop star in a club, in an underground club, for sure, and if somebody sees it and writes about it, this is like the most internet savvy population on Earth, and they write about it, once it happens, the club gets hot, and it’s not a bad thing, it’s kind of good, it gets people that might not be into clubs there. So you can see how it crosses over in a good way as well. But it can be bad. For example, I’m going to call it out right now, I don’t care. But Jay Park jumped on a Boiler Room over it, Jay Park is a Korean Pop Star. He jumped on a Boiler Room at Cakeshop. It’s cultural appropriation, he’s never played in Cakeshop, he never comes. He’s totally trying to appropriate things that someone else has created and use it for his own benefit. So it’s very dangerous. K-Pop in that sense, and people [that are like] oh I don’t like [K-Pop], fuck K-Pop but actually it could be really destructive you know, forced too, we don’t have the same interests, completely different interests. You know, when I was talking about like the counter to the Gangnam thing, it is also the counter to the K-Pop thing which is a lot of the good producers they kind of sell out to K-Pop. And they don’t even try to find their own voice. So I feel like if we can create a scene, that’s like sustainable, where people can make a living and then they don’t have to sell out to K-Pop. Because that’s whats happening all the time.”

What the fuck this has to do with the concept of cultural appropriation is beyond me. Complaining about “appropriation” of an underground club is about as valid as whining about people “appropriating” daddy culture.

That is, of course, aside from the fact that Swanson is just wrong, since Jay has been there a bunch to support his friends/artists.

And that type of bullshit has led to him, Hoody, Ugly Duck, and Cha Cha Malone to respond.



“Cakeshop was a venue I went to frequently every week since I started [doing] music. The DJs and the parties they hosted always gave me a good vibe. I met countless talented musicians from both in and outside of Korea and many awesome projects came to life at this place. Looking back through my music career, Cakeshop was a place that frequently appeared as the setting of many of my memories as a very fond place. But last summer an unfortunate event happened there that sorely disappointed me. I was not the victim but the victim was someone close to me, someone I follow and respect and that made me furious. But I hoped that the incomprehensible, rude action of the culprit was the result of one too many drinks and that the one responsible regret his actions sorely. It had to be a mistake, who could do such a thing with a clear head? But after seeing that video I know that the action came from deep inside of his heart. He is so sorely wrong in his thoughts and he is so trapped within his own thoughts that the the things he was saying in the video was so twisted. He never even apologized for what he did when he was clearly in the wrong. I am so disappointed, every bit of respect and fondness that I held for Cake Shop just vanished.”


“You threw your drink at us while we were performing when we were invited to do a show. And you laughed. All my friends saw it but you didn’t apologize, even indirectly. I let it go thinking that you were drunk and out of consideration for everyone that was around us. You are out of your mind…I hope you make a lot of money~”

This is how you expose somebody.


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