[BREAKING] [EXCLUSIVE] Somi is actually the one harassing Wooshin + netizen comments

There’s been a lot of bullshit recently about Wooshin of UP10TION allegedly sexually harassing Somi of IOI, but Asian Junkie commenter mcf unveiled the reversal of the century, finding that it was actually Somi who has been doing the sexual harassment of Wooshin!

International Netizen Comments

1. [+194102414,-1] Shameless pervert bitch! So dirty even so young! T-ara, IU, Sulli, you have competition.

2. [+125100947,-7] Look at her, licking her lips and touching his hair! Does she think this is a whorehouse?!

3. [+107502075,-11] What did you all expect from this foreign harlot?!

4. [+9419464,-54] Don’t you see why this is problematic? As somebody with a doctorate in 500 different subjects, we can see … *100,000 Word Dissertation Skipped For Brevity* … and that is why this is important to me. I need validation.

5. [+69420,-66678109324091274136109236410234612943] You know, maybe they’re actually just close friends and neither of them sexually harassed anybody? They seem comfortable around one another and the only ones making it weird are other people. Would be a shame if they have to be awkward towards each other now because of stupid witch hunts.


Personally, I gotta agree with the person with a doctorate, because as we now know, you need one to have a take.


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