Kim Yoo Jung’s co-star Bang Joong Hyun defends her from attitude controversy

Veteran actor Bang Joong Hyun took to Instagram recently to defend actress Kim Yoo Jung from her recent attitude “controversy”.

Perhaps most notably, he mentions that she has a physical problem with her leg in addition to defending her attitude and thinking the witch hunt is ridiculous.

“Child actress? Young? These labels don’t fit [Kim Yoo Jung]. Kim Yoo Jung, who loves songs by Kim Hyun Sik and Jang Pil Soon. On set, she’s always leaning on one leg because the other is not completely comfortable. I don’t think there’s any reason for her to reveal physical discomforts to the public just because she’s a celebrity. If the person watching is uncomfortable, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is arrogant. If the person watching is generous, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is pitiable. Out of all the younger actors I’ve seen, Kim Yoo Jung is the most respectful and honest. Seeing her having such a hard time is difficult. Forgive her? What kind of great sin did she commit that would beg forgiveness? It makes me mad that there is a minority trying to ruin her image because of a single photo.”

Okay, but the co-worker old enough to be her dad that had no reason to speak up clearly doesn’t know her as much as what we’re able to see in still pictures and short gifs, so obviously she’s still a dirty iljin in the making.


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