Combined performance of “Into The New World” & dance stages made ‘KBS Gayo Daejun’

KBS Gayo Daejun‘ actually did special stages that interested me today, combining that upcoming star girl groups of G-Friend, TWICE, Red Velvet, and IOI into one gigantic clusterfuck of awesome for a performance of SNSD‘s “Into The New World“.

Then later they had special dance-oriented gender-swap stages where Red Velvet’s Seulgi, G-Friend’s SinB, TWICE’s Momo, and IOI’s Yoojung and Chungha performed INFINITE‘s “Be Mine” and BAP‘s Youngjae, GOT7‘s BamBam, BTOB‘s Minhyuk, and Monsta X‘s Minhyuk performed miss A‘s “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

As always, if not for these special stages, these year-end shows are worthless. Honestly, I’m not even sure why they have the groups perform their standard songs. At least let them freelance a bit instead of having them stick to the same choreo.


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