Youngji is actually catching shit for talking about Heo Jung Min propositioning her

Youngji cut her hair recently, which as we all know, means it’s time for netizens to drag her for shit that happened months ago even if they don’t know the whole context of what happened and she was actually in the right.

1. [+481, -98] Stopped liking Heo Youngji after seeing her talk, she’s a fox…

So that was the top-voted comment by Korean netizens, but international netizens had their own fucking mess.

You get the gist of how things went.

While most of us at Asian Junkie are familiar enough with the ‘sly fox’ label and know it basically means whenever a young female celebrity doesn’t act like an innocent pure flower that does what she’s supposed to do (primarily for men), apparently many didn’t get that memo from past witch hunts.

Regardless, what was this all about, right? It came from an episode of ‘Happy Together 3‘ that I covered before and ended the article with something that seems relevant now.

Youngji is the best, and if there’s a netizen reaction where they complain about what she said, they can go fuck themselves.

Nothing has changed for me because nothing that happened changed.

Let’s establish the tone of the show first, which is basically a bunch of people trying to extract laughs, a lot of which involves telling embarrassing stories (especially for this episode’s theme) and dragging each other.

So you get the general mood of the show from that kind of stuff. It’s all fun.

Anyway, the only reason the Youngji stuff got brought up to begin with is because Uhm Hyun Kyung called Heo Jung Min out on always drunk dialing her and awkwardly confessing his feelings.

That’s when Youngji told her related experience, except Heo Jung Min went a step or three further in her case.

“During the staff dinner, after drinking alcohol, Huh Jung Min oppa got up in front of everybody and confessed that he liked me. He said, ‘I’ve got money that I’ve saved up,’ and he kept telling me things like that,” Youngji said. Heo Jung Min reacted with shock and says he doesn’t remember, “I said that?” To which Youngji responded, “Yeah, you said, ‘Oppa has saved up 30 million Won.'” As Heo Jung Min put his head in his hands, Youngji added, “Everybody was encouraging me to accept him, but I said, ‘I don’t want to,” and Heo Jung Min oppa said he’d act as if he forgot what he did tomorrow morning.”

Oh hey, remember the netizens saying that he just expressed that he liked her? Those comments seem like a weird characterization of what actually happened now, huh?

Dude even copped to being serious at the time.

Well I dunno about you guys, but whenever I like a girl, I get up in front of her co-workers and proposition her while talking about my bank account.

Oh yeah, that’s not even factoring that the director bribed Heo Jung Min to try and get with Youngji.

Or that Heo Jung Min celebrated with the director after being Youngji’s first kiss scene.

Sooo … yeah.

Look, this is not to say that they have beef (quite the opposite, probably) or that Heo Jung Min is some kind of sexual predator or something, but if I had to assign blame to somebody for these chain of events occurring, I’d put it on the guy who drunk-dial confesses to seemingly every woman he works with, and who propositioned a rookie actress for “marriage” in front of the entire cast of her debut broadcast drama, and who was high-fiving the director after kissing her on set. But hey, getting mad that Youngji had the audacity to relate her experience with another woman who went through similar shit is definitely reason that she’s an iljin sly fox bully bitch or whatever.



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