Seo In Guk’s “BeBe” a surprisingly interesting R&B effort that grows on you

Seo In Guk is so known for his acting now that I forgot that he got his start by winning ‘Superstar K‘. Well “BeBe” is a solid reminder that he definitely still has music chops.

Musically, Seo In Guk never registered much for me, but by going in an R&B direction with “BeBe” I can definitely see his potential. If this was released by DEAN or Crush or somebody like that, people would be all over this track, and I actually think Seo In Guk outdid most of the R&B efforts with “BeBe”.

It starts with the instrumental, which avoided falling into lazy R&B tropes that a quasi-fuckboy song like this could easily be trapped into. Instead, it has a lot of twists and turns to it to constantly keep things interesting and prevent the song from going stale. The pacing was also a highlight, with the verses being slow and seductive, and the minimalist pre-chorus and post-chorus setting the stage and serving as a nice come down, respectively. Between those section is an explosive hook that adds tempo and most importantly is addictive and keeps the listener wanting to hear it again.

So far, “BeBe” has just been one of those tracks that continues to get better as I listen to it.


The video was quite typical R&B fare in that while the aesthetic was nice, if the song sucked, it wouldn’t have interested me much at all. That said, I’m sure other would appreciate the Seo In Guk eye candy regardless.

Honestly? I wasn’t even going to cover Seo In Guk’s “BeBe”. In fact the only reason I listened to it was that my writers couldn’t do it, so I decided to give it a whirl to see if I could at least put up a Deep Reviews on it. I ended up liking it, so I wrote one of those two-sentence articles up, then I listened again and I changed it to a regular post about a music video with short thoughts, and a few listens later here I am writing a review about how I loved it.

Needless to say, this has been a pleasant discovery.


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