Pledis Girlz unite K-netz & I-netz in story that starts with threats, ends with love

Pledis Girlz haven’t even debuted yet, but they are already promoting world peace, as proven by the ballad of @pIedisgirI and @wbs71.

So what started it all is that the Korean fan of Pledis Girlz (wbs71) tweeted out a picture that compared member Minkyung to SEVENTEEN member Joshua.

In reply to that, international fan of Pledis Girlz (pIedisgirI) quote replied with a meme.

This caused wbs71 to go the fuck off.

She even got others in the Korean Pledis Girlz fandom in on it…

…before reiterating her demand for a goddamn address.

Eventually though, pIedisgirI explained that it was just a meme that they’re both fans of the same group.

And now they’re best friends, a true love story.

Now wbs71 is befriending everybody.

And she’s showing everybody how to stan.

Legends only.

I have not posted once about Pledis Girlz on this site yet since they haven’t debuted and/or I haven’t been paying attention, but I will backtrack now just for this fan due to entertainment value provided to me from this.



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