Big Bang guest on ‘Weekly Idol’, immediately regret everything

Big Bang were FINALLY guests on ‘Weekly Idol‘ after much begging, and the wait certainly seems like it was worth it.

Introductions were first, making them mimic their old style, which made me remember Daesung and the mullet.

Between Daesung’s voice cracking and Seungri being an extra mess as usual, that sorta set the tone for me.

Because it’s ‘Weekly Idol’, even mega-stars like Big Bang do shit like, uh, jump rope.

It fucked Daesung up so bad he was left contemplating human existence.

They also did … uh, whatever this is.

Look, I’m not saying Seungri and TOP looks awful familiar with their particular setup, but whatever floats your boat.

Oh yeah, and the random play dance? That was a mess.

Big Bang is at that stage where they just can’t be fucked anymore, which is the veteran idol stage that I enjoy most. Seeing them not have any fucking idea what some of their old choreos were was gold, like G-Dragon reaching back into the deepest recesses of his memory bank to find shit.

Next week is gonna have shit like them dancing to current girl group songs, so please anticipate.


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