Akdong Musician analyze JYPE/YGE/SME (and Big Bang) dance styles on ‘My Little Television’

Akdong Musician provided us with humorous analysis of the differing dance styles of JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment artists on ‘My Little Television‘.

Of note was that JYPE involved a lot of waving and wiping and aegyo fists, YGE had a power and bounce and swag, whereas SME revolved around repeating, sharp, and mirrored moves.

But really, the most important thing is Chanhyuk‘s impersonations, especially YG‘s timeless dance moves at around 2:20.

Even the staff were cracking up in the background.

Chanhyuk also got the G-Dragon limbo gait analysis on lock…

…as well as Taeyang‘s lunge technique…

…and TOP‘s ‘Beauty Of Restraint’.

Otherwise known as “I can’t be fucked to do this bullshit”.


They are fucking great at this, honestly.

The only thing I found depressing was how often they had to make clear they weren’t dissing any of the companies or Big Bang, as if that was ever in doubt. But despite the fact that it was painfully obvious that they were just making jokes and intended no disrespect, they know netizens are always doing the most and probably felt compelled.


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