2NE1’s “GOOD BYE” was for CL, but YGE reunited the trio instead

If you were like me and thought the 2NE1 reunion was a surprise that came together out of nowhere, then you aren’t the only one, as it’s being reported by Star News that “GOOD BYE” was actually for CL‘s 5000th American debut, but YG Entertainment took that shit back and decided it’d be a nice way to milk 2NE1 fans one last time going away gift for 2NE1 fans and brought the other two back in the fold one last time.

According to an exclusive report by Star News on January 6, CL wrote “GOOD BYE,” and musicians J Gramm and Rock Monroe composed the song. Rock Monroe most recently worked as a composer for the song “Desperado” in Rihanna’s “Anti” album. The report states that “GOOD BYE” was originally a song for CL’s solo U.S. promotions, written by CL as an outlet for the leader’s feelings of regret about the end of 2NE1. However, YG Entertainment thought it would be a good song to release as 2NE1 for Blackjacks, and contacted Sandara Park and Park Bom to meet for one last time in the recording studio.

Uh, hope they get paid well at least.


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