Dal Shabet’s Subin triumphs again with digital singles “Moon” & “Swing”

Subin of Dal Shabet has had me completely enamored since she first began releasing her solo work, and she’s returned again to remind us all to keep looking for her.

At this point Subin has really carved out and solidified a sound for herself. I know what to expect going in, and I don’t mean that in the sense of it being cut and paste, stale, or boring. It’s cohesive and adds a sense of authenticity to her work overall. “Moon” and “Swing” are no exceptions to this, and even if this isn’t her strongest work thus far, her ‘weaker’ releases are still incredibly strong.

I love that the title, “Moon”, is one of her lighter singles that has a nice bounce starting off due to the acoustic guitar in the opening verse. It’s lyrics speak of unrequited love, but instead of taking a heavy approach to the topic (which has been done to hell and back), the song feels playful and as if it’s reveling in the speaker’s one-sided desires and wants. I really like her use of rhyme in the bridge, too.

To some, “Swing” might seem like the obligatory ballad inclusion, but for me, Subin’s ballads are far from fillers. It’s simple and quiet, but purposely so and effective. Her emotional delivery is always fantastic, and because it’s strong there’s no need for over reaching belted notes or a stray from the pure melody. I like the bare moments when the song just let’s the piano take the lead and breathe, and the ending crescendo to just her final hum is a nice touch.

Subin has done no wrong with her solo work thus far, and if anything, has only solidified herself further as an act to follow. It’s just a shame these releases don’t get more attention. The only thing that could make these releases better is if her agency would start allowing small budget music videos to be paired with them.


Until then, check out the jacket making video and her promotional images below.


‘Moon’ Single Album

“Moon” Song

“Swing” Song

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