Big Bang continued to be a glorious mess on ‘Weekly Idol’, and TOP literally kicks Seungri’s ass

Big Bang were a fucking hilarious mess on last week’s ‘Weekly Idol, and this week they proved why they deserved two episodes to themselves.


TOP did Gwiyomi for everybody, but of course he did it in his own damn way.

Like … so yeah.

And Seungri‘s shit was so extra it prompted TOP to literally kick his ass.

Things are off to a roaring start, folks!

Speaking of, towards the end there, it’s a preview of Seungri’s upcoming mixtape. Please anticipate the swag.

Most importantly, one of the things I was looking forward to most, which was G-Dragon performing girl group songs like I.O.I‘s “Pick Me” and TWICE‘s “Cheer Up“.

Still can’t get over how G-Dragon is styled like a meth-addicted grandmother who idolizes the Joker.

Also, Daesung is horrifying.

Nightmare fuel, bitches.

Of course, they also did the double speed thing, and didn’t disappoint with “Bang Bang Bang“.

God bless the #TooOldForThisBullshit stage of idols.


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