Jo Kwon twerks to “Mommae”, YooA does Hyori, a “Puss” makeover on ‘Golden Tambourine’

Golden Tambourine‘ continues to be a quality variety show, and Jo Kwon continues to prove his worth as a regular while Yoo Se Yoon continues to surprise with his musical ability … but in their cover of Jay Park‘s “Mommae” they mainly twerk it out.

This has to be Jo Kwon’s dream job, because he can choose songs so that he has an excuse to twerk or he can just twerk whenever he wants even if it makes no sense.

The cover also featured one of the stiffest female twerks I’ve ever seen.


Oh My Girl‘s YooA was one of the guests, and she covered Hyori‘s “U Go Girl“.

She is an attractive human being and Yoojung‘s salt was hilarious.

Also, comedian Jang Doyeon did a rendition of Jimin‘s “Puss” that was part serious and part comedic in terms of the changes.

“I’m the valet parking top madam.”

Also, there were chives and free kicks and what sounds like “poo poo.”


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