Rain announces marriage to Kim Tae Hee through handwritten letter

Rain recently announced through Instagram that he will be getting married to Kim Tae Hee.



Hello, I hope to find all of you in good health in this cold winter. This is Jung Ji Hoon.

It’s already been 16 years since I first debuted and many of my fans have grown into beautiful women and in many cases have become amazing mothers. I too am trying to become the head of a household as a husband and a man. She was always there for me during my hardest and happiest times and moved me on multiple levels. Our trust has been growing and our love has finally born fruit.

The wedding is going to be private and quiet as Korea is currently going through emotional and financially difficult times. I hope you all understand that I cannot speak of where and when it is going to take place. I have been thankful for the last 16 years for all your love and from now on I hope to show you a more responsible and modest side of me as an actor and a singer.

She is my greatest gift.


The pair reportedly met on the set of a Coupang commercial back in October of 2011, and have had marriage rumors swirling around them ever since their relationship was outed by Dispatch four years ago.


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