“KBB” unites Dumbfoundead, Lyricks, Microdot, Jessi on a fire hip-hop collab

Jessi, Dumbfoundead, Lyricks, and Microdot got together for a mostly English collab on “KBB“, which stands for ‘Kai Bai Bo’ or ‘Rock Paper Scissors’.

“KBB” is also an undeniably powerful-sounding track with an attitude, and the parties involved had to match that with their verses. Luckily, Dumbfoundead is one of my favorites and he starts it off with his flow as on point as ever. While Microdot held his own, I was most excited to see Lyricks of Year Of The Ox.

Lyricks easily had my favorite verse on this, as he owned the delivery and projected confidence without jumping around and doing a bunch of clown shit like others in Korean hip-hop, plus the switches in flows assured his verse wouldn’t get stagnant and showcased the range of his talent.

I noticed a lot of Jessi fans were disappointed that she only got the hook, but honestly that’s probably her best usage on “KBB”. She can make bangers and shit, sure, but the last thing I want hear from her is an attempt to go at it on a track that actually would require showcasing her rap talent because she’s still not very good at that.

Well she also contributed at least.

In the end, though, the instrumental made “KBB” almost impossible to screw up, with a trunk-rattling bassline that has enough twists and turns to avoid getting repetitive despite remaining the same for 80% of the track. Plus it’s set to a rhythm that, say, borrows from Future‘s own four-person collab on “Move That Dope“, and of the offerings to try and build on that’s as quality a choice as any.

Really enjoyed this simple but effective hip-hop collab.


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