Park Bom says she’s “mentally okay” and not sick following YG scapegoating her

Following YG scapegoating Park Bom‘s mental health as the reason 2NE1 disbanded, Bom herself started replying to fans on social media seemingly addressing the issue.

Granted, as somebody familiar with mental health issues, people suffering from problems aren’t generally just gonna go ahead and out that to the world in social media replies. However, if there seriously was a problem, she didn’t need to respond either (and she’s proven she’s capable of remaining silent). Plus, I mean she did record/film for “Goodbye.

Of course, we didn’t really need any more evidence that YG’s excuse was full of shit and that he was always planning on disbanding 2NE1 (even if he let them go through the motions on a comeback), but something direct from the artist doesn’t hurt.


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