YG throws Bom under the bus for 2NE1’s breakup, Minzy didn’t know about final single

Following up on YG throwing Taehyun of WINNER under the bus for his mental health issues, YG decided to go ahead and do that with Park Bom of 2NE1 as well.

You see, YG really wanted to protect 2NE1 after Minzy (who he also throws under the bus in a subtle way) left the company and group, but Bom … it was all Bom’s fault!


Bom has said herself that she’s still a singer, and even in her letter to fans after the disbandment she mentions that she was preparing stuff, so she clearly wanted to continue and could if she was allowed. But that’s the thing, right? She likely wasn’t allowed, so YG’s bullshit excuse is just that: bullshit. Like none of this stuff happened when Big Bang members were suffering with their mental health, but hey they were still banking so run them out there, right?

Hell, let’s assume this was all true about Bom’s mental state, then why do you out this information about to the public? This is basically just like Taehyun’s situation in that whether or not their mental health actually held them and their groups back, the only reason for YG to come out and say this is to shed blame for problems and scapegoat somebody else. That’s coward shit regardless, but to do it using mental health as an excuse just makes it especially shitty of him.


But that’s not all folks, as Minzy revealed on Instagram today that she found out about 2NE1’s final release through the media.


2NE1의 마지막 음원 발표 소식을 기사를 통해 알게되어, 저로선 매우 유감스럽고 안타깝지만, 일전에 2NE1의 멤버로서 대중분들과 팬 여러분들께서 주신 사랑에 대한 감사와 마지막으로 인사드리는 작별 인사의 마음은 멤버들과 동일합니다. 사랑해주셔서 진심으로 감사드리고 우리 멤버들 CL언니, BOM언니, 다라언니 그리고 저, 모두 앞으로 펼쳐 나갈 활동에도 많은 관심과 따뜻한 응원 부탁드립니다❤️#2NE1#Fourever #Goodbye
It’s a shame that I had to find out 2NE1 will be releasing their final album through a news article. This is very unfortunate as I was previously a member of the group 2NE1, but I share the same feelings as the other members in wanting to show appreciation and bid farewell to everyone for all their love and support of 2NE1. I am truly grateful and sincerely appreciate all the love 2NE1 received and hope for your extended love and support as the members continue on in their individual careers. Thank you.

Truly the closest family one could ever wish for.


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