“HONEY BEE” from Luna, Hani, Solar excels vocally & visually but is less than it should be

Mystic Entertainment somehow got Luna of f(x), Hani of EXID, and Solar of MAMAMOO to form a trio and release a single, called “HONEY BEE“.

“HONEY BEE” isn’t a poor collab single at all, it’s just that it’s less than the sum of its parts. It’s great vocally and visually, but it sorta seems like they’re three soloists trying to outshine one another rather than being focused on making a cohesive song. It doesn’t help that there’s basically no hook, just a repeating “bee for the honey, bee bee, for the” over and over before moving on back to generally belting a whole lot.

Regardless, I’m not complaining.

I just feel like this should’ve and could’ve been better.


‘HONEY BEE’ Single Album



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