WASSUP’s Jinju & Dain also file suit against Mafia Records over lack of payments

When it was announced that Nada of WASSUP would be leaving the group amidst a lawsuit due to a lack of payments, some wondered why they were coming back as four if they had seven members. Well, now that question is answered, as Jinju and Dain are also filing suit against Mafia Records for the same reason as Nada.

Mafia Records is saying, at least in regards to Nada, basically that they’re broke and Nada is already acting like a free agent.

“Right before the Lunar New Year holidays, Nada submitted a preliminary injunction to cancel our contract. We have been having issues with Nada’s payments since the end of last year because the company’s return on investments is low. We were not in the situation to pay her and made this very clear, but she continued to participate in club events and do other jobs without our consent. We are preparing to submit a preliminary injunction to prevent her from doing any further activities.”

On the other hand, Nada is saying that she went through all the proper avenues and the company just didn’t care.

Nada gave her side to the story, saying, “The agency is distorting the truth. I am sorting out the legal aspects with my lawyer in charge. I consulted with the company to decide on my next activities and sent in official documents to prove my losses, but they didn’t listen to me.”

I’m sure there’ll be more clarity to this as it shakes out (if anybody cares), but for now there isn’t a whole lot to go on.

Regardless, somebody save Nari.



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