K-pop stans lose their minds over foreigner wearing a hanbok for class in Korea

As you know, I’m always one to mock the hell out of weeaboos or Koreaboos because it’s honestly creepy as hell when people want to change race or similar stuff along those lines. So I get why people call that out and think it’s fucked up. Apparently though, as they do with everything, ‘K-Pop Stan Twitter’ has gone a bit overboard once again, and they ended up witch-hunting some poor random woman in Korea who wore a hanbok for her class and jokingly made a comparison to having a similar look to what Taemin from SHINee once rocked.


Yes, she left evidence of the great crime in action up on Twitter.

So after she posted that HORRIFIC attack against Koreans, ‘#TooWokeTwitter’ came out in force, calling her out for being a Koreaboo mess and all sorts of shit.



The problem is this wasn’t some kind of Koreaboo thing by any means, and was rather for a culture day run by the university in Korea she attends for the exact purpose of trying to familiarize foreigners with Korean culture.


Doing this kind of stuff is definitely for the benefit of everybody involved in terms of education and what not, and encouraging people who actually want to learn and avoid ignorance is exactly what people should be in favor of.

And yet, it became a THING.

If you look at her mentions, you can find the users she’s talking about, but here’s a wonderful example of the type of rational individuals we’re dealing with here.


Way to fight racism, I guess?

Anyway, that DM came after a group of people started getting pissed at others for defending the woman wearing the hanbok against this idiotic witch hunt.


I guess this is when people start to accuse me of being an white woman again, but now I’m also apparently a right-wing racist as well.

Good to know.

Honestly, these people can’t be serious that non-Koreans are banned from wearing hanbok or else they risk being problematic, especially since the goddamn Korean government tries to sell foreigners on having the hanbok experience. Like non-Korean celebs of all races end up wearing a hanbok at one time or another because it’s definitely not an insulting thing just to wear it on or take pictures for a special occasion, much less when it’s for educational purposes.

I normally don’t write about this kind of stuff, but I saw this in my timeline and thought to myself, “My god, this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” Like what is even the point of this participating in this garbage? Seriously.


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