Junsu doesn’t deny Toscana Hotel issues, but says there was no malicious intent

Junsu of JYJ responded on Instagram to the recent article by Dispatch about the Toscana Hotel he recently sold and the allegations made against the management of the hotel by multiple staff.


A lot of it revolves around netizens and media predictably overreacting (whole statement here), which doesn’t apply to my concerns since I figured he wasn’t involved in the day-to-day management, however he does make statements relevant to my concerns about the employees.

I’m not writing this to overturn or explain the articles that came out today.

Well, that takes care of a lot of it, honestly.

I thought about building a hotel because I wanted to create a space of my dreams. I left my hotel in the hands of amateur management, so we faced a lot of difficulties and I didn’t turn a profit while running the hotel. Yes, I am at fault for not turning a profit as the owner of the hotel. However, I contributed the personal income I have earned from my continuous activities in the entertainment industry to help manage the hotel. I even disposed of personal real estate and property to keep paying the employees’ paychecks. I learned that you can’t run a business with nothing but a dream.

At least he basically comes clean about the management basically being run incompetently (family is a bad idea), and if it’s true he sold off personal assets to pay his staff, then that was the right thing (only thing) to do.

Unsurprisingly, statements by C-JeS Entertainment and Toscana mirrored each other, with both backing Junsu. The main thing I’m interested in, however, is whether the payments were late. Both C-JeS and Toscana denied that any late payments were made to employees despite apparent documents showing otherwise, and further clarification on that front would be nice. After all, aside from the hotel being run poorly, the main accusation was the consistently late payment to employees. If that wasn’t true, then I understand why Junsu feels like the primary victim in all this. However, if it is true, then while I would understand why he feels aggrieved and believe him regarding there being no malicious intent, people would’ve still been getting screwed in his name in the end.

Guessing this might not be the end of this controversy.


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