Junsu sold Toscana Hotel, which reportedly had management issues & paid employees late

Junsu of JYJ finished his Toscana Hotel back in 2014 for ~$18 million, but he recently sold it for ~$21 million, doing a nice bit of real estate business. The problem? The hotel was allegedly being run poorly, the employees were being paid late, and the employees now face an uncertain future, according to Dispatch.

Dispatch reports the hotel was run by Junsu’s father, brother, cousin, and aunt, and Junsu used his personal bank account to manage finances. That reportedly led to disarray, with employees being paid late every month.

Most importantly, whoever went to Dispatch had receipts, including showing how many days late they were paid since December of 2015. Additionally, they had a KakaoTalk message from the hotel to employees saying that the hotel’s financial situation in December of 2016 was messed up, so they will be paid late but they will do their best to pay quickly.

Employees who talked to Dispatch also said that they had no idea about the hotel being sold, so now they’re concerned they’ll lose their jobs with change of ownership, and there’s been no communication from the hotel to them about their futures. Furthermore, they allege that the hotel didn’t have retirement fund processes for employees.

C-JeS Entertainment was contacted about this issue, but they said Junsu wasn’t a part of the management of the hotel. However, Junsu is listed among the hotel’s executives in the report.


If this report is somehow false, at least the employees (if not the public) deserve a better answer than that. When a construction company tried to sue Junsu over the Toscana Hotel, he came back with evidence, won a lawsuit, and burned all the doubters to the ground. So a “no comment” on paying employees late for a year (throwing the finances of regular people in disarray) and then yanking the rug out from under them as you get out of the business with no warning is poor form.

Yeah, the media and netizens will try to make this out to be a Junsu thing even if he had little to do with the management, because that’s what happens when you attach your name to something. And to be fair, it is all rather ironic given his history with SM Entertainment. But the main thing to remember is that regardless of who was running the hotel, whoever it was seemed to have made a mess of things, and the employees deserved better.


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