Masta Wu’s “SHIT” shows he’s a fan of truth in advertising

Masta Wu has dropped a music video for “SHIT“, which is a collab with Dok2 and a 100% appropriate title for this release.

How is it possible to make something attempting to be hard so goddamn boring? This is aggressively terrible, from the lyrics to the beat to the execution.

At least when other artists do some tryhard gangsta shit it actually goes hard or is fun in some kind of way (like Iron‘s “Rock Bottom), but this beat is just the rap version of a shitty coffee-house ballad, and anybody who enjoys the mumbling that’s going on over it is akin to those jacking off over vocal color.

Then again, how could I resist the lyrics at play here?

Well, I got this much at least.

Masta Wu’s “SHIT” will (hopefully) be one of the worst things released all year.


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