[Update] Ex-T-ara staff reveals KKT showing Hyoyoung threats to Areum + says Hwayoung did victim cosplay

A former staff member for T-ara decided to speak up on the “bullying” scandal involving the group after watching “victim” Hwayoung and her sister Hyoyoung on ‘Taxi.’ In rather explosive accusations, the staff member says the sisters role played as the victims, but in fact they were the ones doing the bullying, specifically of Areum by Hyoyoung.

The KakaoTalk messages released by the former T-ara staff member show Hyoyoung threatening Areum.

Hyoyoung: Areum, it’s Hyoyoung.
Areum: Yes hi!
Hyoyoung: Areum, you have to be thankful and thank people when they take care of you. If you don’t want to get hit, then act properly because word spreads around fast. Don’t gossip around and act cheap. I’m really angry right now, so let’s not see each other, okay?
Hyoyoung: If I misunderstood anything, do you want to meet up and talk? Or do you want to apologize now?
Areum: I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I want to meet and talk with you. I’ve never done anything bad enough to hear words like this.
Hyoyoung: Baby, you should just go away.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to beat the dust off you at ‘Music Bank,’ so just wait.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to scratch your face so you can’t go on broadcast.
Hyoyoung: Hehehe, just you wait.
Hyoyoung: I’m not going to be a singer, so just wait. Dogs only learn when they get hit.
Hyoyoung: Stupid bitch, just wait until I catch up with you.
Hyoyoung: Okay, you’re doing a grrrrreat job at snitching.

The staff member also provides many other details, which I’ll get to in a later article. Basically though, it says Hwayoung always cosplayed as the victim, doing things like faking the severity of injuries in order to skip out on activities and gain sympathy.

So why now, right? Well, the motivation for outing all this after five years is that the staff member apparently couldn’t stand her continuing to pretend to have been victimized any longer.

If that wasn’t enough, then a former T-ara manager has stepped up to corroborate this story.




Uh, so yeah. Wow.

Of course, this mess is all hilarious to me. It won’t get T-ara’s careers back even if it’s true, and honestly it likely just creates more drama for them after they’ve already accepted their fate in life (of being rich in China, but still). That said, because some people think I was just being blatantly biased and hypocritical against Hwayoung instead of just giving my opinion on what I saw (a snake) regardless of whether it was T-ara or not, I’ll just say now that my skeptical side says to pump the brakes until we get a reply or an explanation or even until T-ara says something.


That said, as it looks right now, this would explain … well a lot.

It explains Hwayoung walking around fine on the supposed damaged ankle, it explains her going to the nail salon instead of practicing and missing most of the concert, and it explains the crutch throwing incident as well. After all, that supposedly stemmed from an argument with Areum.

On top of that, a famous Hyomin picture fansite (she is close enough with Hyomin that she knows her number and follows all of T-ara’s schedules) tweeted that Hwayoung threw her crutches on July 30th, 2012 at 1:49 PM … CCM confirmed it the same day at 2:38 PM. Basically, fans knew that Hwayoung threw her crutches before the company announced it. It was not media play, but fact. As observed by the fansite admin, Hwayoung’s twin Hyoyoung had sent a text to T-ara’s Areum saying, “Hwayoung isn’t getting love all because of you!” Right before the ‘Music Bank’ live, Hyomin tried to bring Hwayoung and Areum together to get them to make up, but Hwayoung got mad and threw her crutches and left.

Also explains why the ‘Music Bank‘ producer confirmed the story and that MBK Entertainment was surprisingly telling the truth. Kinda relates to an older interview where a company representative was explaining the problems they had with Hwayoung as well.

An interview by a rep who observed T-ara and Hwayoung said, “Hwayoung started getting a celebrity disease after she settled in with the group. She was cocky about being a celebrity and a T-ara member … the original members weren’t like that. I wondered why a new member would be acting like that … and I think she wasn’t bullied but the other members just reprimanded that type of behavior and the scandal blew up into what it is right now.”

Perhaps most telling, it explains why Areum (and Dani) still supports T-ara and remains on friendly terms with them despite also basically getting the boot from the group.


On a less serious note, when will all these wannabe rappers come with this level of thugging?



Also, if this is true then we basically have Joanne The Scammer twins in real life.


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