[Update] Hyoyoung cops to texts being legit, Areum confirms reports, T-ara vindicated

Hello everybody and welcome to the vindication of T-ara!

Following reports citing a former T-ara staff and a former T-ara manager that revealed it was actually Hyoyoung doing the bullying of Areum, and that Hwayoung was simply cosplaying as a victim the whole time (and a bunch of other stuff), Areum decided to chime in and basically confirm everything.


Areum uploaded a photo of her phone playing the song, ‘Gift’ by Park Hyo Shin. She took the screenshot when the following lyrics were paused on screen: “No matter what anyone says I’m not weak, The days I endured with tears, I didn’t want to hear stories of me, from those who didn’t even know me, I was left alone in a dark night, I was counting the stars one by one and now that the morning is here. I feel like today’s sky is a gift someone left for me. It’s warmer than yesterday I wonder if you feel it too.”

Emphasis by Areum.

She also captioned the post thanking the reporter who first broke the story and published it. “I have endured so much. Everything aside I want to thank the reporter who uploaded my past picture. I hope we do meet. I don’t know but if you’re reading this reporter-nim. Fighting ^^ Let’s all pretend nothing happened today and cheer up! ^^” “I’m ok.” “Don’t worry, I’m good I’m sorry I made you all worry”

Additionally, she talked about T-ara and how she will protect them and herself in the comments.

Damn, Areum is ride or die.

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking Areum is defending T-ara cause she has ties to the company or T-ara, she’s been out of the company for three years now and she basically has no reason to cape for T-ara at all.


Then again, I suppose there’s no reason to question whether Areum is telling the truth because Hyoyoung and BAM Entertainment confirmed the texts as legit.

Hyoyoung was very young back then, and seeing Hwayoung suffer from the ‘bullying incident’ made her step in because they’re family. Hyoyoung could not have known everything that was happening within T-ARA internally. She became emotional because she was seeing her little sister suffer so much. There was no other reason for sending the messages.

Besides this statement confirming the text exchange as legit, this is honestly just an amazing excuse to use regardless. For starters, she was 19, not 10. Also, if she didn’t know what was going on, why would she go straight to threats of violence? That honestly makes Hyoyoung look seriously insane. That’s especially true because out of everybody in the group, Areum was one of the members (along with Qri) that wasn’t targeted for “bullying” Hwayoung. So what the fuck are they talking about? Seriously though, come up with a better excuse for why your artist was caught threatening violence against her sister’s group member.

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough then Dani came in with the finisher.

So I mean, yeah. What else is there to say, really?

I’d like to take the high road on this like T-ara have for the last five years, but … nah.


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