MBKE says T-ara/Hwayoung/Hyoyoung reports are the truth, but says it’s not welcome

After initially being worthless and saying nothing about Hwayoung and Hyoyoung recently being exposed in the T-ara “bullying” scandal, MBK Entertainment decided to talk to Osen about the recent events.

A representative from the company said, “Though we felt there some things being said were unfair when the controversy first happened five years ago in July of 2012, we still didn’t explain the situation. At the time, the public had already made up their minds to turn their backs on T-ara, so they wouldn’t have believed us even had we said anything. The truth from five years ago has now come to light, but to be honest, it’s unwelcome. The misunderstanding has already been clarified, and from the point of view of the T-ara members, it’s tough that they’ll have to relive this again. It’s also difficult from the perspective of the company.

As far as the members of T-ara go, they commented through the company, saying, “We’re surprised that this happened so suddenly.

I kinda understand what MBKE is going for here, at least five years ago, but now? Look, there’s nothing better than the truth coming out even if you’ve already accepted your fate, and I can’t imagine the members aren’t feeling at least a tad smug.

Anyway, Eunjung doesn’t have time for this. She has golf to play, bitches.




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