BTS return with “Spring Day,” which has meaning & soul but a rather uninspired sound

BTS are back with ‘You Never Walk Alone‘ (which I can’t not associate with Liverpool FC), which is a ‘Wings‘ repackage album, and the single off it is “Spring Day“.

What I mean by the song having soul is that lyrically it’s likely about a person who has taken their own life or somebody who died in sudden circumstances. The members are essentially talking to them through song, and perhaps concurrently talking to the still living listeners about life as well. The dreamy sound that has been created for this effort fits this concept, and the music video also executes this effectively through visuals.

It’s just an overall pleasant viewing experience.

One sequence in particular struck me as representative, with a member looking distressed, running around, and bursting through a door.

Only when he is met by his friends does he relax and a smirk comes across his face.

That theme of togetherness continues until the end.

It’s really quite well done and potentially moving.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t find the music itself as moving. I get the alternative hip-hop sound with the rock and electronic influences, but I feel like I’ve heard this sound before in indie circles, and there’s not a ton that distinguishes this beyond those tracks that I don’t even bother writing about here. Unlike their other efforts, I primarily just doubt this is something I would seek out to listen to. Specifically, the replay value was hurt for me because of the overuse of the chorus, which became quickly apparent on repeat listens.


“Spring Day” is a perfectly fine release, and this wasn’t anything that I would skip if it came up on radio or anything. However, it’s just sort of uninspired, which is the opposite of what the concept and message delivered. It’s actually a shame for me that I ended up feeling that way about the music, because everything else about the release works well and ties in effectively with their previous concepts. As much as I wanted to give this a glowing review because of what it attempts to do, in the end I couldn’t deny that it sonically fell flat.


‘You Never Walk Alone’ Album

“Spring Day” Song


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