Soyul & Moon Hee Jun get married at Shilla Hotel while his fans continue to be bitter assholes

Moon Hee Jun and Crayon Pop‘s Soyul were married recently at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The couple also had a press conference where they shared their thoughts on the marriage.

Fellow Crayon Pop members Way, Gummi, and Ellin showed up, but Choa was too busy running the crime business had a musical performance and couldn’t make it.

Also, I had been waiting for some high quality versions of this, but I guess we might not get them, so here’s the couple’s wedding photos.

Of course, some of his fans were continuing to be bitter dumbfucks online, with one person I saw claiming that Soyul started managing FC Men (that BEAST‘s Kikwang now captains) after she withdrew from Crayon Pop’s promotions with panic disorder. That’s weird, considering she managed that team like two years ago.

But yeah, okay, she did it to get with Kikwang or … whatever the fuck. Totally.

Look, his fans can pretend they’re mad for one reason or another, but it comes down to them trying to come up with any excuse to hate because they mad as fuck.


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