Breath mint enthusiast Hwayoung of Boys24 gets officially booted from group

Hwayoung of Boys24, who came under scrutiny recently after professing his love for fresh breath, has been booted from the group, according to a statement released by CJ E&M.


First of all, we would like to apologize to all of the fans of BOYS24 who were deeply hurt by the comments that Hwayoung made in private. We would like to inform everyone that Hwayoung has been removed from BOYS24 and that his contract will be terminated.

This has been decided due to the same reason we mentioned in our statement on [February] 8th. We are concerned that his controversy may tarnish the image of the entire group of BOYS24 and twist the true feelings of the other members towards the fans who support and cheer them on at every performance in which they do their utter best to perform. This is why we have decided to exclude him from the group as well as cancel his exclusive contract as an artist.

We are sorry to all the fans who have continued to support and cheer for BOYS24 and we promise to do our best to show off a better BOYS24 performance in the future. Thank you very much for all your support and generosity. Thank you.


I mean, come on guys, he just said he loves breath mints.


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