Krystal & June One Kim drop “I Don’t Wanna Love You,” which Sulli seems to support

Beast And Natives Alike (BANA) have impressed me so far with their music videos for XXX and even E Sens a while back, but the “I Don’t Wanna Love You” music video for Krystal and June One Kim‘s collab was a bit of a mess.

The song definitely seemed like it was playing second fiddle to the music video, as it sounded a lot like background music. So going back to the music video, well, the theme is made quite clear on the site.

It reads, “I tried to burn the bridge but the chance of you being there on the other side turned me back into a helpless fool and I don’t want to love you.

So I get what they’re doing conceptually, but the way it came together was a bit esoteric to me.

Krystal owned the aesthetic, though.

And according to one tagged picture, Sulli was around to support her.

That’s … well it’s interesting.


‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ Single Album

“I Don’t Wanna Love You” Song


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