NS Yoon G talks about her lack of popularity, which always leads to fun netizen opinions

NS Yoon G went on ‘Talking Street‘ recently to talk about her lack of popularity, which sparked a bit of discussion.

“One day I told my mom that I searched my name on Naver and found related search terms like ‘The reason NS Yoonji isn’t popular’ and my mom told me that I’d have made it by know if we knew the answer to that. My job has always been to congratulate the wins of fellow debuts like 2NE1 and SISTAR and newly debuted rookies behind them on stage.”

Netizens, both Korean and international, predictably did their thing when it came to trying to explain how one achieves popularity in the pop music industry.

Well first of all, I don’t know any of your songs, didn’t even know you were a singer so those are probably the reasons?

She has no talent as a singer other than her body. She’s done quite well for herself making it this far with her name. There are tons of people with more talent than her who haven’t made it nearly as far.

Lack of charms and star potential

Personally, I agree that while NS Yoon G is ungodly hot, has some quality releases, and comes off like a good person, she seems to lack a certain charm and star quality that would cause me to stan. However, what I take issue with is people pretending that everybody who is popular has all or any of the qualities they list, because my thoughts about NS Yoon G also applies to many others who have already “made it.” Like everything being used to criticize NS Yoon G by these netizens could be applied to past or present “it girls” before they became “it girls” for one reason or another at some point in their careers.

Quite frankly, it seems to me that people insist on these merit-based reasons for relevancy because fans don’t want to admit that the combination of a company push and flat-out luck is the actual primary mover in the entertainment industry. After all, copping to that would involve admitting that not everything that’s popular is popular for a specific merit-related reason (whether it be a person, song, or show), and that maybe their faves aren’t popular because they deserved it more than those like NS Yoon G, but because of circumstance and fortune.

Can’t have that.


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