B.I.G get reborn with a new sound and their best release yet in “1.2.3”

There are a number of K-pop groups who seem to be stuck at a certain level of notoriety and success regardless of the quality of music they release. Whether it’s due to being from a smaller agency, or just not having that one breakthrough member or song, I’m always impressed by these groups’ determination to keep on fighting. B.I.G has been around since 2014 and, barring their cringe-worthy debut single, have given us a solid collection of comebacks. Yet through it all, they’ve never broken out from their established fan base. New track “1.2.3” is unlikely to give them much of a jolt in that regard, but it really deserves to.

B.I.G is calling this song a rebirth, and it certainly represents a big shift in sound from their past few releases. The track is a pure blast of disco funk, its verses underlined by an invigorating dose of rhythm guitar and slick rumblings of bass. The entire song is immaculately produced, unashamedly kicking forward with a bombastic sense of what makes this sub-genre so much fun. The contrast between the nimble verses and electric guitar-fueled chorus is especially effective, resulting in a massive sound that feels ready to shake the foundation of any venue it’s performed within.

While the song’s central refrain feels a little too on the nose at first, it quickly transforms into something more interesting as the guys deliver an unexpectedly vampy harmony that nicely augments the otherwise power-pop chorus. It’s little surprises like this that make “1.2.3” stand out, but when it comes down to it, the song’s strength truly lies in its unabashed pop heart. Last year’s “Aphrodite” was super strong as well, but this is B.I.G’s best track yet.


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