Solfa updates on Big Dick Guy and other cast … and Senny returns to roast the channel

Solfa posted a new video that’s basically just an update on some of the faces that have been missing from recent videos … and it’s honestly one of the best.

Seriously, they could just do these chat videos and it would work.

It includes stalking Big Dick Guy (BDG) as he works out like most of you thirsty bitches here would love to do.

Oppar will press charges, tho.

Of course, there was an extended video chat with Senny, who everybody has been asking for.

Senny has a message for her haters that tell her she’s too loud and outspoken.

Senny has thoughts about the economic hardship of the middle class and our current state of corporate sharecropping.

Senny has thoughts on Solfa using the reactors that barely get paid as a shield as he rakes in the dough.

Senny has thoughts on thirsty Koreaboos who fawn over any Korean man’s dick.

Most importantly, Senny is teasing a goddamn comeback.

This is the most important news of the year.


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