VAV are back with “Dance With Me”, become one of the greatest plot twists

Don’t be alarmed. I just need everyone to be sitting down right now. No, you’re not going crazy. You’ve actually just heard a well produced, in-tune song in “Dance With Me” by the legends themselves, VAV.

Let’s address the most important thing, which is, “Hey, why doesn’t this track sound like utter shit?” I am just as surprised as you, but thankfully for this comeback they worked with SM Entertainment producer Ryan S. Jhun, who has been a part of some of SME’s greatest hits. You can hear the influence in VAV’s new sound, as it’s very SHINee-lite.

Next things to address are “Where did all this priest and vampire kink dialogue go?” and “What about their so-called brotherhood?” Well, I have no idea, but it’s clear they are heading down a different path now. A few members left, a few members joined, and to be honest I have no idea what the changes are. I guess the ugly ones left?

Most importantly, Prince Jacob is alive and well. Follow his Instagram for pictures of a pretty man.


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“Dance With Me” Song

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