Subin finally gets support for her quality music as “Strawberry” & “Circle’s Dream” get MVs

It appears as if producer/composer/writer/singer/idol Subin of Dal Shabet is finally getting some agency support, no matter how small, with the release of “Strawberry” and “Circle’s Dream.” For the first time since starting her journey to becoming a solo artist, her latest EP’s dual title tracks have corresponding music videos.

By now, you either like the sound Subin offers or you don’t. These new singles are right in line with her previous work, so if you didn’t like it then you certainly won’t be convinced now. I might just be repeating myself in these reviews at this point, too, but I like the sound of my keyboard clacking away and I love her so I’m going to talk about it regardless.

Both songs display the layered vocals and harmonies I’ve lusted over for several EPs now. “Strawberry” is a beautifully stripped down R&B ballad displaying the emotional side of Subin we’ve seen before, this time with an added bit of sexy sensuality. The tinkering piano that shines alongside her that calls back and forth almost like a second vocal. The pauses in the instrumental that let you linger on how pretty the melody is. The moments of emotional crescendos within the track that take you up and down along with her and highlight her vocal delivery. It’s familiar in all the right ways.

So while “Strawberry” is the serious side of her as an artist, “Circle’s Dream” is her playful, quirky counterpart. We’ve seen glimpses of this lighter side before in previous songs, but “Circle’s Dream” really puts it on full display. This songs bare-boned backing track makes strong use of her background vocals as apart of the instrumental, something reminiscent of Lorde‘s famous single “Royals.”

I also enjoyed how both music videos display this change in persona effectively as well. There isn’t much to comment on regarding the videos, as they couldn’t seem to afford wardrobe or location changes. Still, they did their best with their limitations by displaying two completely different feeling videos appropriately for two very different feeling songs. She looks predictably stunning, particularly in “Strawberry.”

To close things out, in my last article for Subin, you may recall how I fearlessly wrote about the unfair treatment her singles were receiving.

“It’s just a shame these releases don’t get more attention. The only thing that could make these releases better is if her agency would start allowing small budget music videos to be paired with them.”

The sudden support from her agency is no doubt in part to my coverage of her work paired with Asian Junkie‘s esteemed reputation for journalistic integrity. I can’t help but feel proud of myself as both a writer and an activist. You’re welcome.


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