The 2017 Korean Music Award winners and the music that earned them the honor

The results for the 2017 Korean Music Awards were announced yesterday, and I’m going to cover the winners.

But why when you didn’t give a fuck about the other award show winners?

Because these awards are more than just a popularity contest, and while subjective formats definitely have issues of their own, the fact that judges vote is the reason this is considered the Korean version of the Grammys.

Perhaps most importantly, I figure it’s a perfect opportunity for people to find other music besides K-pop if they want, especially since I do carry the posts of Korean Indie.


Album Of The Year – Jo Dong Jin – ‘As A Tree’

Song Of The Year – Bolbbalgan4 – “Galaxy”

Artist Of The Year – Jay Park

Rookie Of The Year – Silica Gel


Best Pop Album – Jo Dong Jin – “As A Tree”

Best R&B & Soul Album – Jay Park – ‘Everything You Wanted’

Best Rap & Hip Hop Album – Hwaji – ‘Zissou’

Best Rock Album – ABTB – ‘Attraction Between Two Bodies’

Best Metal & Hardcore Album – Remnants Of The Fallen – ‘Shadow Walk’

Best Modern Rock Album – Wings Of The ISANG – ‘Stream Of Consciousness’

Best Dance & Electronic Album – Kirara – ‘Moves’

Best Folk Album – Lee Minhwee – ‘Borrowed Tongue’

Best Jazz Album – Choi Sung Ho Singularity – ‘When The Wind Blows’

Best Crossover Album – Second Moon – ‘Pansori Chunhyangga’


Best Pop Song – Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”

Best R&B & Soul Song – Jeebanoff – “Sungbukgu Kids”

Best Rap & Hip Hop Song – BewhY – “Forever”

Best Rock Song – Jun Bum Sun And The Yangbans – “Revolution”

Best Modern Rock Song – 9 And The Numbers – “Song For Tuvalu”

Best Dance & Electronic Song – Hitchhiker – “$10”

Best Folk Song – Lang Lee – “Playing God”

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance – Black String – “Mask Dance”


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