Stalker that tried to kill idol Tomita Mayu sentenced to 14 years and 6 months in prison

The court recently sentenced the stalker who tried to murder Tomita Mayu to 14 years and six months in prison.

All is not fine, however, as she testified to in court.

She testified in court behind a screen, sharing that she has had difficulty singing or eating due to partial paralysis of her mouth, and that she is also having trouble with her eyesight. While she was testifying, Iwazaki interrupted Tomita and shouted, “Then you should kill me.” He was removed from the courtroom.

Because that’s clearly the reaction of a stable man or something.

Before the verdict was handed down, Iwazaki apologized to Tomita and her family, and promised to learn patience in prison. The presiding judge commented that Iwazaki’s attack took away Tomita’s dreams, and that Iwazaki “must learn to control himself and abide by society’s rules while he is in prison.”

There are mistakes that hurt others that you need to learn from and there are mistakes that are irredeemable.

I dunno, I kinda wish the court had taken his advice on punishment.


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