Victon’s “Eyez Eyez” is solid enough but falls short of truly standing out

Boy group Victon debuted last November and have quickly amassed a strong fanbase. Being label-mates with superstars A Pink certainly helps, but based on their music alone I still need a little convincing. “I’m Fine” was a decent earworm of a single, but pre-release “What Time Is It Now” was better. And now we have the glitchy synth funk of “Eyez Eyez,” which — despite being composed by the same team — doesn’t sound all that much like the group’s previous efforts.

It’s normal for rookie groups to play around with their sound, but I’m curious what style Victon will end up settling on. “Eyez Eyez” takes a more disorienting approach, built on a fitful cascade of warped synths that dictate much of the way the instrumental moves forward. The verses stagger in fits and starts, creating a structure that feels constantly off-balance. The tempo changes make it hard to classify “Eyez Eyez” as a pure dance track, though things do become more propulsive during the chorus. I’ve never been a fan of this jittery production style, as it doesn’t allow the melody a chance to go anywhere. But, “Eyez Eyez” isn’t really about melody. It pulls in just as much from hip-hop as it does mainstream pop.

The vocal arrangement from the pre-chorus on gives the track a big, layered appeal, complimented by a funky synth solo that ties the hook’s splintered pieces together. The second verse rap is also effective, but that’s not a huge surprise. The beat on “Eyez Eyez” feels better suited to a more sing-song approach. I suppose it all spotlights a different, darker side to Victon, but when it comes down to it there just isn’t that one massive hook to transform it into something spectacular. “Eyez Eyez” is strong enough to keep growing that fanbase, but I’m hoping for a slam dunk next time around.


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