Moon Geun Young has 4th surgery for compartment syndrome, is doing better

As I mentioned before, Moon Geun Young previously had three surgeries to try and deal with compartment syndrome on her arm. Amputation seemed like a legitimate worry at the time for something that seemed to have a lot of complications. Fortunately, her company says that despite having a fourth surgery, her condition is improving.

According to her agency, Namoo Actors, “Moon Geun Young has completed her fourth surgical procedure and as her condition has improved greatly, she has been granted permission to be discharged from the hospital. However, she will require continued treatment and rest until she is fully healed, having gone through multiple strenuous surgical procedures. She will be resting and receiving treatment for the time being. We would like to thank everyone who has expressed their worries and sympathies for her. She hopes to greet you all again in full health in the near future.”

She’ll definitely be out a while, because as I mentioned before, the surgical procedure for compartment syndrome is basically just cutting open the affected area.

Hopefully this is the last we hear about complications from this and they’re being honest about the prognosis.


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