‘I’m An Actor’ is an acting competition for idols like Jota, Chanmi, Seungjun, Nancy

A new show from iHQ Entertainment will have a collection of idols competing on an acting reality competition, where the prize is starring on an iHQ drama.

The idols will be engaging in on-the-spot acting competitions which will also determine a ranking. The final winner will be given the opportunity to star in a new iHQ drama. The show is also set to incorporate elements such as rigorous learning and accomplishing missions.

Competitors will include MADTOWN‘s Jota, KNK‘s Seungjun, VICTON‘s Subin, MYTEEN‘s Song Yu Vin, AOA‘s Chanmi, Nine MusesKeumjo, April‘s Naeun, and Momoland‘s Nancy. Acting coach and the head of iHQE, Ahn Hyuk Mo, will mentor the idols, and the show will be hosted by Tak Jae Hoon and Jo Woo Jong.

In my mind, this seems like the worst idea ever. Unlike with singing or dancing competitions, where everybody and their mother can feel like they’re judges of talent, I feel like acting is a lot less engaging/dynamic and harder for most to evaluate even if people complain about it all the time.

I mean, at least it’s something new, I guess?


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